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Superfood Chef Todd Dacey

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The 3,000 year old Taoist term “Life Cultivationist is at the essence of “Longevity Source”. This term states:

“The nurturing of ones body, mind and attitude in a way that will lead to radiant health, happiness and maximized life expectancy, free from extreme degenerative diseases that afflict less diligent ones.”


The number of people that have been affected by the epidemic of degenerative diseases sweeping the nation is alarming. A severe nutrient deficiency has taken place with the consumption of now nutrient deficient monocultured foods, processed food dependence, unconscious intake of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup, animal protein craving, and GMO related allergies, gut issues and nutrient unavailability. Consumption of these “anti-nutrients” actually drains the body’s nutritional reserves leading too much of our healthcare crisis.


The compromised state of the food supply can be aptly termed “post apocalyptic” by anyone with an accurate overview of what’s happening. The current level of chemicals/ toxins in the food and water supply and in the indoor and outdoor environment have lowered the threshold of resistance to disease and altered the body’s metabolism, causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances and cell replication abnormalities.


Awareness of environmental toxins and adding the consumption of nutrient dense mostly wildcrafted superfoods and tonic herbs combined with an organic, mostly raw diet provides the natural nutrition needed to regenerate and thrive in today’s world. The subtle energies in our food are affected by the way our food is grown, delivered and prepared. We can see how our food choices affect our mood, our beauty (inner and outer), our relationships, consciousness, direction of society and world more than almost anything else!


When we understand the multi-dimensional consequences of our food choices and how broken the animal factory farm, processed food system/ health care debacle is, it becomes clear that supportive choices including nutrient and life force dense superfood nutrition is of utmost importance.

In order to cultivate health “beyond danger.” longevity and the fulfillment that comes from actualizing ones highest life purpose its of utmost importance to take responsibility for ones own health and take the steps to prevent disease.

Thank goodness that there is also available the health pioneers, integrative medical practitioners, resources and information on extraordinarily nutritious and delicious plant based diets, superfoods, super- herbs, medicinal mushrooms, anti oxidants and cleansing protocols to skillfully and successfully deal with this situation, for those who make the choice to:

1. Become knowledgeable of the many root causes of cancer and  other illnesses.

2. Detoxify

3. Choose new, supportive dietary, nutritional and lifestyle factors.

Our intention and prayer is that the information, recipes and resources in Longevity Source make a positive difference in peoples lives and support a paradigm shift in the way health-care is practiced, and a sustainable future is prioritized!

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